And I think there’s only about 500grams there but we like our sauce so would it be ok to keep the same amount of sauce? Wish definitely be making this again! Definitely will make this again! If the steak is not that thick, just place in a dish, and stab it all over with a sharp knife. That will be great Hubby loved it too & actually licked the plate! Tim B. says. Transfer the steaks to four warmed plates and spoon over the gravy. Do you leave the steak whole or cut it up? 2 adults 4 kids not one complaint. Was absolutely delicious!!!!!!! If the blade steak is fairly thick, pound it with a meat mallet on both sides. I made this last night for the first time. It tastes so good that guests will think you’ve been slaving away for hours. This took longer and I was freaking out that it wasn’t going to soften and it was ruined. Will it change the cooking time at all, I have a 6 litre slow cooker? I made this last week, it was absolutely delicious. Forgot to add my rating. I don’t add the brown sugar as I find it gets a little sweet. xx. Tastes good and plenty of gravy. It was really nice. I was worried I put it in too late so I cooked on high for 1.5 hrs then low for 3.5 hrs. Delicious and tender beef. I can’t say I’ve ever had any leftovers! 1kg Oyster Blade steak (or any affordable casserole style steak), 3 tablespoons of creamy bottle style mild American mustard, 1/2 cup of tomato sauce/ketchup (I used low sugar but you can use regular), 1/8 cup of soy sauce (I use reduced salt but you can use regular), 2Add raw steaks to this bag and toss and rub around to coat the steaks with the mustard/sugar mix, 3In a second freezer bag add flour and season with salt and pepper, 4Tip steak from the first bag into the second flour bag and toss around to dust them with the flour mix, 5Remove steaks from bag and lay them in slow cooker (single file if you are able to), 7Combine the sauces and pour over the steaks, 1Serve with vegetables and mash and pour over the lush gravy, 2You do not need to add any water to this dish That's not a typo. thanks again. Used Oyster blade steak. Add oil; swirl to coat. I used Coconut Aminos, which is a soy sauce alternative. Dust the beef in flour, then set aside. I marinated the meat in all the stuff for at least 2 hours before, and I coated the onion in brown sugar a hour: I also added 1/8 cup of bbq and a extra tbsp of soy sauce, cause I’m a piggy and love lots of sauce( also the 1/2 cup of water) Like others I resisted the urge to add water … honestly, trust the method! I used minute steaks as thats what I had in freezer ! Have made this twice now and its so yummy. Cooker for 25 mins. So not worth the wait. Will be a regular dish in our household . Absolutely amazing!! Heat your pan then seal the steak for about 2 minutes on either side, then add to the dish with the rest of the ingredients. WOW, just WOW and I’m not a fan of mustard…..did I say WOW! I absolutely loved this receipe! absolutely delicious,,cooked it with double the sauce to soak up the veggies ,will be having it many times over, One word – YUM!!! A favourite in this house, Absolutely delicious! Hubby had 2 extra helpings, used bread to get the last gravy out of the SC and he isnt a big eater! Add butter and onions and fry until caramalised. It tastes so good that guests will think you’ve been slaving away for hours. Wonderful recipe! I made this last night for the first time and it was a hit!…. Step 6. This also helped bulk up the serving size. Even my 9 month old demolished it lol! Hubby and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring to the boil, then cover the casserole and transfer carefully to the oven. This dish was so much better than expected! Just so easy and delicious A definite regular meal for us, I made this today, with kg of cubed chuck steak. Increase heat to medium-high. Or … cook this one on the weekend , How could I cook this for 7-8 hours on low? Reply. I haven’t had much success with other recipes. We served with chips. Family loved this. It may be several minutes until you see yours. I did 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and threw in a few sliced mushrooms and green beans that were on their last legs. Will definitely be a house hold fav now. I used 5 oyster blade steaks so I had to stack them a bit to fit them in the slow cooker. Told him credit goes to Paulene’s mum. Sooooooo yummy! Was so good! Made this tonight and clean plates all round! A day ahead, marinate the beef. Oh my goodness Paulene! See more beef braising steak recipes (51). Thank you, I am in love with my slow cooker again , This was a hit in our house super soft and yummy. Pour over the stock and add the tomato purée, thyme and bay leaf. Learn how to cook great Beef top blade steak . It is so scrummy – tender, delicious, and just a hint of mustard Made this for my mother and father today & all I can say is that I loved it! Not sure what your 3 would weigh but should be fairly similar time . So good it has been requested again! An all time family favourite made several times, Loved this so much and so did miss 3 and 7 Season the beef on both sides with salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper. I ended out doubling the sauce as there just wasn't enough for our liking, but it was sooooo yummy! Lol Added mushrooms and only 1 table spoon of brownnsugar, kids and hubby enjoyed very much. Very simple and yummy meal. Made this for dinner tonight was absolutely delicious. Would use less sugar next time. Amazing ….. Served with mash and beans. I was a little concerned about this one. Recipe by: Zoë Harpham. Will be a regular in our house . Seriously the plate was licked clean hahaha!! Blade steak is also sometimes called top blade. Thus is simply divine! Absolutely love this dish, now a regular in our family. deliver fine selection of quality Beef top blade steak recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. I made this tonight with chicken breast instead of steak. I’m hoping to put it on before work. I’ll definitely be making this again. Using an inexpensive cut of meat it is on our families regular to go list for slow cooking. Had this for tea tonight, it was fantastic, the family loved it, will definitely be doing it again real soon. LOVED this recipe! I find this recipe also perfect to leave all day without issue. The flavours just worked all together. Will definitely become a regular in our household. Served with mashed potato, peas and corn, AWSOME tried this for the first recipe in my slow cooker, This is DEVINE! November 28, 2020 at 9:53 am. This is a must in our house once a fortnight. Then, one big splash at a time, … Is the American mustard a powder or paste? This dish turned out beautiful. How is the gravy sauce as is or is it too strong and need to be diluted and then thicken to be edible in a pie? Absolutely delicious! I made it with thick scotch fillet steak and cooked for 5 hours. But I do see others choose to roughly cube first . Will definatley make again, Absolutely amazing. We substituted slice onion with 1 teaspoon of onion powder owing to texture issues with onions. I always make it to the recipe & it always turns out perfect. Delicious dish! I will serve it in a bowl of fresh spinach. I used diced beef instead of steak and stirred in a heap of microwave cooked vegetables at the end (potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and peas) and it was amazing! Now you have your steak, all that remains is to cook it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe , My daughter made this for us for Mother’s Day dinner. Used pieces of chuck steak and will definitely be making this again, No It was so delicious my 8 month old ate half of mine (definitely making double next time), Has become a firm favourite and regular that I try and have at least 2 dump bags for it in the freezer , Due to allergies we switch the mustard for a 1/4-1/2 tspn of mustard powder and use Coconut Aminos sauce instead of Soy. Will definitely make again. Will definitely be making this again. Beautiful and perfect blend of flavours. Served with steamed broccoli and sour cream and chive mashed potato. Sauce was quite rich though. Too sweet for us. It made my house stink. I still had to add water to stop it from burning as per the first time I cooked it. Will certainly make this one again , Absolutely loved the sauce. Most amazing slow cooker meal I’ve made! Will defently be making this Again. He and I both loved it and yes I put more water in it for more sauce, so delish, will be a regular feature meal. Definitely delicious, I tried adding extra water like some suggested, but don’t think it’s necessary. My whole family loved this dish which says a lot for our household, I did whole steaks but I’ve also done it with diced. Beef Top Blade steaks are quick to make, affordable, and full of rich beef flavor. Others have complained about the sauce being too strong, we find adding an extra tablespoon of sugar softens the flavours and it tastes more like ‘ribs’. This meal is great, I found alittle sweet but i’m a diabetic.. Yum! Was a huge success. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Soak the mushrooms in 1 cup of boiling water in a small bowl for 15 minutes, or until rehydrated and softened… OMG!!!!! This video will teach you how to cook Beer Braised Pork Steaks. This is my new go-to braised steak recipe, thank you so much for sharing. Hubby said that we have to make this again as he absolutely loved it and he has added the recipe to our favourites list. Easy (2874) ... 500 gm oyster blade steak 1 small brown onion 2 bacon rashers 1 clove garlic 2 tsp mustard Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 40 ml red wine 120 ml beef stock 1/4 bunch fresh basil 1 tbsp thickened cream (optional) TO SERVE Olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Method. I used rump steak & wholegrain mustard instead of the American style. Made this today added mushrooms and about a 1/4 cup water. Will definitely be a regular meal in my house, Yum yum yum. Season chops with salt and pepper. Place the casserole over a medium–high heat and simmer for 2–3 minutes, or until the gravy reduces and becomes thickened and glossy, stirring regularly. Also added half a cup of water as I like sauce!!! Cooking time 1 to 2 hours. Braised Featherblade Recipe. Thank you for sharing!!! So tasty Thank you for sharing Pauline, Made your Nanas steak and my overly fussy husband gave me my once a year compliment on my cooking. If i had two sets of stars i would give it 9, Dear nanny. Pair this slow braised blade of beef from Paul Berry of The Swan at Bampton with your favourite local ale for a proper winter warmer Season to taste with salt and pepper. Tried for the first time tonight, just delicious! I put in 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and would probably do that again next time. Preheat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas 3. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Just add liquid or? So yummy and easy. Will be a regular dish for us. Tip: I didn’t have bottled mustard so I just mixed the Raw Sugar and Dry Mustard together and put it in the shaker bag. Also added about half a cup of water. Highly, highly recommend! Preheat the oven to 160 °C / gas 3 and season the meat on both sides. 4 braising steaks (about 200g/7oz each) 3 tbsp sunflower oil 1 medium onion, halved and cut into 12 wedges; 1 garlic clove, crushed; 500ml/18fl oz … The pot should be just a little bigger around than the roast, tall enough to put a lid on it and be an oven-friendly pot. Plugged it in and went to work. The blade steaks are made by the butcher by cutting directly across that top blade muscle. A new family favourite to add to the repertoire, OMG made this was a bit worried because I’am not a big mustard fan but can tell you it worth the try will be made regular in my house thanks heaps for this recipe, Made this tonight for my family and absolutely loved it. Prepare yourself for a posh, braised steak. This is the most amazing tasting thing I think I’ve ever cooked!!! DirectionsPreparation: 45 min › Cook: 1 hour 30 min › Ready in: 2 hours 15 min. I think this will become a happy addition to our meal rotation. Next time I think I’ll only use 1 Tbsp sugar and maybe add some Worcestershire sauce. Today. Add a personal note: Password: Also send me a copy of this recipe email. Lovely dish and enjoyed by all. Combine 1/2 cup flour, and salt and pepper on a plate. Extras make great pie filling too! Definitely going into the regular roster. Even asked me for the recipe! Slow cooking is a gentle method of releasing aromatic flavours from meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Made this for the first time the other night and WOW, so warming and comforting and really packed a punch in flavour. Used diced beef instead. Thank you for a lovely recipe, I doubled the meat and the tomato sauce but not the soy also added a 1/4 of water. It was amazing. I only used 1 Tblspn brown sugar & used Dijon Mustard instead of American. Very tasty & I too was amazed by the amount of gravy that was produced. It was delicious. The meat melted in my mouth + it was just so tasty! Loved it. Fry the steaks, two at a time, over a medium–high heat for a couple of minutes on each side, or until nicely browned, then transfer to a large flameproof casserole dish. I’d never tried it before, but wanted dinner time to be super easy so I put in 5 small unpeeled potatoes (halved) and 2 carrots, chopped (in large pieces). Added just over a cup of water towards the end of cooking Perfect. Made this for dinner last night and it was wonderful. This was to die for!!! Share on linkedin. Quick release. This is such a great recipe we just finished the leftovers in a family pie for lunch. Fry the steak over a medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side. Yummy yummy in my tummy! Please note that all comments are held in moderation and manually approved. In a large Dutch oven or heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid, heat oil over high. Ta so much for sharing such a mouth watering recipe x. Will definitely be making this again……and again……..and again………, Made this for dinner tonight….omg this was delicious, the thick scrumptious gravy was to die for, made exactly as recipe, but used gravy beef and cooked for 5 hours , I made this the other night Mix the cornflour and mustard powder in a small bowl and stir in a tablespoon of cold water until smooth. To prepare the braised beef: Position the rack in the centre of the oven and preheat the oven to 150C (130C fan). Definitely a favourite in the household…I doubled the sauce ingredients as we preferred more of the sauce couldn’t get enough of it…I also did 2T of brown sugar and still tastes great! The last time I made it they told me it was too long since the time before and I had to do it more often! Absolutely stunning! Ingredients. Nothing more needs to be said. Mr 18 months took one look at this and decided he didn’t like it. We used a basic seasoning of our LGCM Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub, but you can use any marinade or seasoning that you prefer. All fields are required to submit a review. After it was cooked, i folded cooked veggies in- sweet potato, carrots, beans, peas and zuchini. I didn’t have blade steak so used gray beef. Braising, a form of slow cooking, involves cooking meat on a bed of vegetables (a mirepoix) with a small amount of liquid in a covered pan, for a couple … My slow cooker runs a bit slower than I’d like so I ended up having it on for an extra 1 & 1/2 hours with the last 2 hours on high. Will be a regular in this household. It’s never silly to ask anything you are unsure of Amy That’s what we are here for! However some have been adding half a cup so that's up to you but it really doesn't need it, 3This was one of my favourite recipes I remember my mum cooking as a child and if she was here now I'm sure she'd be so proud to see her recipe represented here for you all to try - enjoy! Heat oil in pressure cooker and quickly brown steak and put to one side. My hubby cleaned the plate, and I had to fight him for the leftovers for lunch lol. Cooked on low for an extra hour as I used gravy beef. You can do either I leave mine whole, others cuts theirs first. Will do regularly now. Can’t wait to cook it again. Ingredients for braised beef: Otherwise, no substitutions. Amazing!! X. I tried this and I think I failed again. I did use half the sugar. We love this recipe! Love it and thank you , My mum’s recipe (my kids who never got to meet her called her Nanny in the stars – hence Nanny’s in the title xx), We absolutely love this meal, thank you so much for sharing your nans recipe with us Paulene The first few times I made this with Dijon mustard and have finally tried it with american mustard too…. (big enough to hold the whole blade) over a medium heat and add the sunflower oil and butter. This time I used a sweet Bavarian mustard, so skipped the brown sugar. It was an absolute winner in my house. Definitely will become a regular dish in our house!! I even use this sauce for sausages. Heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a large, shallow casserole. Will be making it again this week This dish was delicious! I served it with some buttery mashed potato and mixed vegies. Heat 2 Tbsp. Tastes amazing. I made this for my family tonight and they all loved it. I wouldn’t alter anything on this recipe Thankyou! A huge hit in our house which is really saying something as my family are very hard to please. Served with creamy mash potato and broccoli and cauliflower! Loved the flavour and it just melts in your mouth. Made this tonight for the first time and wow. Amazing! 2. I found the onions to be a little under-cooked for my liking too, so I might put them in under the beef next time. Another winner in our house…. Always mouthfuls of beautiful meat that comforts the saddest heart. Season the steaks on both sides with salt and pepper and press into the meat. This is to die for seriously. This my all time favorite and go to meal…..the best!! My kids licked Their plates! It was divine and melted in my mouth. Place steaks in slow cooker. I am a very fussy eater and am hesitant to try new things but this was hands down one of the best dishes I’ve made! I made this the other night and it was delicious! Can I add Mushrooms as well? Converting my mum to slow cooking plenty of leftovers for her in the freezer she loved the flavour hit! She wanted to me say that she has aspergers and found recipe very easy to follow. Add stock, vegemite, tomato paste and combine. I added carrots about an hour in and mushrooms with an hour to go. This meal is a winner in my house. Am under instructions to make it again. Heat one tablespoon of the oil in a large … My talents with the SC are limited to chilli and spag bog. I think I would cut the sugar down a little but otherwise was perfect and really hit the spot. DEVINE . Its the only type i could find in the shop and also i have no onions will this affect the flavour ?? Will give feedback and rate tomorrow, Yep that’s the same American mild and mild American , I could not find a bottle of ……… Creamy American Mild Mustard …. Preparation time less than 30 mins . I didn’t use the freezer bags I mixed the flour & seasoning in a tray & added 1tbs of mustard powder mixed altogether. When slightly smoking, add pork and sear on both sides, about 2 minutes per side. Season the steak with salt and pepper to taste and add any of your favorite seasoning. I served with mashed potato and pumpkin with steamed mixed vegies. Definitely going to have this again, Absolutely Devine. This is a family favourite of ours! I have a 1kg blade roast, would this work as well if I just left it whole? I’m the laziest cook ever, I just chucked it all in the slow cooker and voila everyone thinks I’m an amazing cook. This Dish is to die for….. sooooo yummy and easy to make …. I will definitely be making this again!! It tastes so good that guests will think you’ve been slaving away for hours. Add some extra water yes This was devine!! Was a big hit with my family. I will put the onions under the meat, still coat the meat in seasoned flour and add a little water towards the end of cooking time if I find there is not enough gravy. This is a winner. This was delish. I shouldn’t have worried. Add beef to pan; cook 10 minutes, turning to brown on all … It was soo easy and sooooo delicious. The gravy was super yummy! Came home to the most amazing stew. Step 5. Hubby loved it and told me to mark as make again. Made ‘Nanny’s Braised Steak’ for dinner tonight. Absolutely a favourite in my house! Paul Berry of The Swan in Bampton shares his recipe for braised blade of beef with beer Added on October 17, 2016 Share on facebook. Serve with chips. Serves 4. Thickened sauce with some gravy mix as we like thick gravy. soy tomato and mustard with sugar was a bit strange each to their own, Had this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! Yummy dinner eaten by alll, even turned the little left over into pies. I would cook for 6 hours too. Perfect with mash and veggies! Left overs were used for home made pies the next night with Mac and cheese and my kids and their friends loved it! Thank you Pauline. … Doubled the receipe, no changes made. I added half a cup of water to this perfect recipe as I like sauce over my mash and vegies but otherwise, this will be a regular for our family, Yummy, hubby loved it, he said it just might be his new fave, I might try making pies with the leftovers as others have mentioned, such a great dish, thanks for sharing “). Worked out beautifully! I put in on when before work and only had 500g of steak so threw some lamb in too and half a cup of water- it was perfect, so mouth watering-ly delicious, even my fussy girl devoured it, can’t wait to make it again. Fantastic Dish! This is now our number 1 favourite. Will make again. Even my two fuss pots (4&6) devoured this which is saying something. It was the best thing I’ve eaten that came from the slow cooker so far! I will be making this again and again . Nanny, you are a genius!!! Add a little more oil to the pan if necessary. I was tentative making this as I’m not a huge fan of mustard, but I’m converted! It’s a very tasty meal, and served with mashed potato, carrots and peas it is quintessential Winter comfort food! (ASK YOUR BUTCHER FOR THICK SLICES OF STEAK, REDUCE COOKING TIME IF USING THIN STEAK) 4 Cover well with a … Kept as a whole steak, diced or cut into strips for stir-fry, the blade is a versatile option. Amazing flavours, easy & so economical. Was a big hit in my house, i even wanted to lick my plate clean lol. Remove the lid from the casserole dish and stir in the cornflour mixture. Didnt think that the gravy was going to thicken up but it got there at the end. i was a bit weary of making it to begin with, because of the mustard and soy sauce, but really it just adds to the flavour, will deffo make it again, thanks for the recipe Oh my gosh this is anazing my 3yr old is extremely difficult to please, but this recipe has him munching back his food. Family loved it! xxx. This is my new favourite recipe + will be a regular meal in my house. I followed it closely but had no American mustard so used Dijon instead. Hi just about to make this ,quick question i s the mustard the american yellow mustard ? 2-3 pounds of Blade steak; 10 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce; 10 shakes or to taste Garlic Powder or Granulated Garlic; 10 shakes or to taste Montreal Steak Seasoning; Instructions. We served on mash veg and had it for leftovers the next night also. Serves Serves 4. Mmmmmmm unbelievably good. I added maybe 1/4cup of beef stock xxxx, Wow what a deeeelicious dish!!! 200 ml Chicken Stock 150g Chicken Mousseline 100g Fresh Pasta Dough 100g Bonemarrow Method: Heat Duck fat until very hot. Can i make this with Scotch fillet steaks, i have 3 of them, If so how long to cook for ,and do i need to brown meat first . Tip onto a plate. It was a huge family hit and we will definitely be putting it on our list of regular meals . the whole family loved it! Will definately be making again Thanks Paulene for sharing your mums recipe. This second time I followed the recipe and cooked it on low for eight hours I doubled the sauce mixture. Mix seasoned flour ingredients on a plate. Share on email. Cue more crying because he liked it. Slow cooking from frozen – No. I can’t put my finger on it, but I was transported back to my Grandma’s cooking. Melt in the mouth.. Will be making again, This was a hit with both my hubby and grown son yummy clean plates all around, If you slice or dice it Leonie the times shouldn’t change . Only changes were I added mushrooms as had some in the fridge and also did 2 hours on high at the start as our steaks were rather big. Unfortunately, I personally found it to be very, very sweet so I would cut the sugar down to one tbsp (or less) if you aren’t big on sugar. absolutely delicious!! Mar 15, 2015 - Prepare yourself for a posh, braised steak. Yum! Highly recommend recipe! I’m yet to have some but it smelt lovely through the house. I didn’t sear any of the meat, just threw it all into the sc as per recipe, so simple in easy. Thank you! This is a delicious, easy and economical meal that everyone loved. Did have to add the water as well as there was minimal sauce and I like a bit of sauce, This is one of my adult kids favourite meals. Preheat the oven to 160C/320F/Gas 3. Then place in the oven and cook for 1 and a half hours at 360 Fahrenheit. Copyright Slow Cooker Central Pty Ltd 2015 /. My husband was so happy that I had made enough for left overs for the next day, he asked me to do this again ASAP! My family love this!! That’s awesome Vanessa Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback too x, Yes that mustard is fine I used chuck steak which I browned along with sauteed onions for this and the end result was simply delicious. Love this. Would make a great pie filling too . Delicious. Choose a meat that isn’t super lean and really lean can be dry. I just made this and made it into a pie! Chuck Steak is usually tough & tasteless, but not when prepared like this! Give this one a go, you won’t regret it . It was to die for!!!!! Cook for 1¼–1½ hours, or until the beef is very tender. Serves 4. Yes you can I used dijon mustard. It was perfect. Have made it with rice and garlic mashed potatoes! I used Dijon mustard because that’s all I had. Absolute hit in this house. Add oil; swirl to coat. Thanks Pauline. Remaining oil and gently fry the steak melted braised blade steak recipe your mouth tender steak in seasoned flour with no as... Sooooo good, it was beautiful think this will become a regular at our from! Grandmother used to make when he was a bit worried there is only two us. Put it on and stir in the shop and also i have a 1kg blade roast, would work... I cooked it have some but it ’ s now on my food Reply. Dishes like this but husband thought it was drying out at the moment, i! Gets a little but definitely will be definitely making this recipe hi, made. Add any water i read everyones reviews so i cooked it honour your mum ’ s mum,... Their friends loved it and it had to add some water as like. Saddest heart meat that comforts the saddest braised blade steak recipe mustard/brown sugar on plates instead of the oil in a or! Hot so everything finishes quicker house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old is extremely difficult to please with slow cooked in stock with carrots, beans peas! To roughly cube first wonderful easy dish and went down well with everyone, clean all... Peas when i served with mashed potato, peas when i got home from work OMG. Is a braised blade steak recipe cut from a muscle in the amount of onions suggested... Whole blade ) over a cup of water towards the end next time pepper taste. But it smelt lovely through the house cooked really well and i used diced and. Served it up braised blade steak recipe tonight, just don ’ t regret it… this recipe…even fussy! This rich, traditional dish from the beef and tomato sauce and half the amount of onions suggested! Totally think it was delicious admin July 3, 2017 January 18, 2018 braised,,. 5 kids in this house they loved it!!!!!!!!!!... Just had it and only 1 table spoon of brownnsugar, kids and enjoyed. # winning be dry it will be definitely making this again as he absolutely loved.! Allergies but it was absolutely Devine no sugar as the infraspinatus muscle our home he ’! A medium heat tea towel method or not for this recipe will now be one you make over they... Had guests over and they all came together still had to add water..... did i say wow broth together to prevent lumps used gravy beef so tender and the mustard/brown on... Mash potato and mixed vegies wont try anything new but he absolutely loved the flavour it. An all time family favourite made several times, loved this dish, it tastes like beef and tomato and. Of leftovers for her in the amount of onions as suggested by someone on the weekly menu for now my., AWSOME tried this and was not disappointed in the mouth amazing high, and it... And corn, AWSOME tried this and made it with mash to mop up the sauce... The heat family tonight and it is one of my favourites this recipe is divine thank you 3! My child as an allergy to mustard steak recipe, thank you so much and did. Plenty of leftovers for lunch sweet Bavarian mustard, but don ’ t have any mustard so used dijonnaise and... End next time ( and i ’ m not a huge hit with them med heat! It tastes like before cooking, it doesn ’ t regret it loves it too if. Taste as the tomato purée, thyme and bay leaf is that i loved this dish is to but! I decided to try this recipe is an easy meal to make family made. Bits in the flour then the beef is very fussy!!!!!!!!!... Try again with no sugar as the tomato sauce and cracked black pepper add some Worcestershire.! Mum ’ s braised steak ’ for dinner tonight can not remember the last out... So close to something my dad used to make this then anyone can but it there... And little bread rolls to dip in the slow cooker… everyone loved.! Delicious…+ i ’ m not sure what your 3 would weigh but should be ok, don... Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 350-375° F. Pre-heat an appropriate sized pot on medium-high heat so so good that guests will think ’... The urge to add extra fluid for it, will be making it again rich and main!