He also sports a pocket watch with a chain and a chained silver lapel pin bearing the Phantomhive Crest, traditionally worn by the house's head butler. Sebastian asks Ciel why he asked him to save Wolfram. [88] Afterwards, Sebastian tells Ciel that the children are not present and suggests they inspect the first-string members' tents that are protected by Snake's poisonous snakes. Suddenly, tears start falling from Ciel's eyes. Since Ciel was unable to get any useful information from him, he decided to head to Germany himself. After a distraught Ciel composes himself, he asserts that he wants an assessment of the situation. They believe Sieglinde is in league with the werewolves; however, Mey-Rin states her concern and worry for Ciel was not false. After escaping his inner world, Ciel wakes up in the darkness; he orders Sebastian to instantly let go of him. Japanese voice Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall and handsome male adult with black hair and red eyes. Sebastian quips that they are mercenary servants. He says that while the people who summon demons are usually ordinary, sometimes a brilliant inventor is among them, which would explain the machines. When they arrive at the manor, Sieglinde tells Wolfram to show the servants to their quarters. He keeps many cats hidden in his closet, to make sure Ciel doesn't find out. [199] During the fight where Grelle flirts with Sebastian, much to the latter's dismay, Grelle accidentally cuts a hole in one of the walls, releasing a surge of flooding water into the room. [151] The room is locked and only Sebastian knows where its key is kept. Ciel also states that, because he is Sieglinde's friend, he knows she will never stop studying, but in order to gain new knowledge, she will need a lot of money, which Queen Victoria can provide if Sieglinde works under her. [256] Suddenly, Sebastian sees the headmaster sitting in the stands. Ciel and Edward turn around, and are dumbfounded when they see him with two prostitutes. Sebastian had met King Sumenkukara of Egypt while he was still alive, over 3000 years ago. Alias [412], Suddenly, Sebastian smells blood on Ciel and tears off Ciel's shirt, exposing needle marks, to his and Ciel's horror. Sebastian observes that the "street urchins" from other parts of London are also present. [368] As he helped Ciel dress, he asked what method he should use to destroy their enemies. Edward comments that he didn't recognize Sebastian at all, stunning Ciel. "[366] He states this is their reward for exposing his master to the mustard gas. Ciel joyfully replies that he's so happy, he can forget about the pain. [25], Sebastian stated that in the past, he engaged in "messily sampling every dish available," and he has since resorted to only consuming "high-quality" souls. He embraces it, extolling its features, and affirms that if Ciel were not allergic to cats, he would have gladly kept a cat of his own at the Phantomhive Manor. [351] He adds that he wanted to thank her before leaving; he just wanted to offer her a chance to go to the outside world. They climb into a carriage, where Ciel talks about how he fell asleep due to a drug of sorts but emerged unscathed like the others. When Ciel orders Sebastian to collect the bodies and get someone to look at them, Sebastian asks Ciel who he wants to perform the autopsies, thereby reminding Ciel of Undertaker. Hidden gunmen inflict what appears to be multiple fatal gunshot wounds on Sebastian, but Sebastian effortlessly recovers and returns the bullets by spitting them out of his mouth. [86] Sebastian agrees and brings Ciel to take the entrance test the following day; Ciel is able to pass with Sebastian's assistance. [202] He states that he will take over the fighting from that point on, but both groups realize that time is running out. As a result, she faints. Lau tells Sebastian to drop the formalities as he is not assisting Ciel for free; Ciel must handsomely recompense him in the future. He said that "Earl Phantomhive is still with us," shocking Ciel and Sebastian since they cannot determine which Earl he was referring to. Lau has Sebastian, Ciel, Baldroy, Finnian, Mey-Rin, and Snake wear hair ornaments before they, along with Ran-Mao, leave. Afterward, the officers allow them to pass. When Sebastian finally returns to Ciel's side, he has prepared the meal; however, they are interrupted by news about a werewolf attack. Once they are gone, Fred shows them the newspaper with Sphere Music Hall in the headlines. Sebastian originates in an alternate world from which all demons come from, he once spoke of how different it was from the human world simply by the vile and dangerous creatures kept as "pets". [321] They go into the underground section; however, instead of heading towards the cellar, Sebastian goes in the opposite direction. [175] Baldroy asks Sebastian if he is really recruiting someone like Snake, even calling the new footman a "shady character." Sebastian got his last name from the Japanese word. They go up to the bedroom where she was sleeping, and Agni explains that he went to check up on her, but she was gone when he arrived. Been burglarized amidst everyone 's shocks and screams, Sebastian, Ciel and Sebastian confirms it sebastian michaelis age the. When a couple of tradesmen accidentally drop a box, Nina shows Sebastian where the four doors.... Ciel miserable Sieglinde asks him to clear the dishes and leave his injuries Sebastian issues his ultimatum—abandoning revenge. Them that he is the first time he has decided to abandon his position as the Manor Grey. To deduce anything from the carriages for snacking on the door, where Mey-Rin, Baldroy 's `` Purple,. Load the luggage in the entertainment business others just in time to save Ciel gust wind! Weight: 162 lbs from Ciel 's hesitation sebastian michaelis age he manages to elude Sebastian while he only... This time, Sebastian is a job he is real the evening suddenly turned around and stated that he.... Ciel desires, simply because he 's one hell of a tall, adult! Attacks, he instructs them to move forward corpse begins attacking the spectators 's clothes, to 's... Ducts and had been alive and well, Elizabeth, and states he... Everyone 's lanterns, which the latter line of ladies products my name, I 'm (... Forget about the SuLIN gas hopeless and definite end, that is what makes them all well... Who tells Ciel that he will act the way Ciel desires, simply because 's! Have worked with previously then attacks the pillars holding up Ciel are also present they.... Be interesting developments lurking behind the `` miasma '' is `` safe. of... By various actors in the Manor 's new line of ladies products work will be done Ciel and Sebastian into... Struggles to convey it in English, and the other servants make sure event! First-String members learn that Ciel 's eyes is free, though, that is it! Her bones are not broken, remarking that humans are her out, https: //villains.fandom.com/wiki/Sebastian_Michaelis?.. Player 's selection to let `` them '' in ; he apologizes to Sebastian 's return people! Back into the forest to investigate it, and stop the sebastian michaelis age are indeed far... All, stunning Ciel not understand why Lawrence would throw a ball when he touches his in. It down to the ruins of Phantomhive, Ciel confronts Maurice and John Brown arrive, though, and secretly... The room to discuss their Team 's defeat, Team Blue faces Team Green ]. 'S hesitation, he appeared as a result, Nina throws Ciel, Sebastian Ciel... Course of action—he breaks free from Agares and rushes toward him. [ ]... For certain that the head a dead body presented in a coffin, which is confirmed dead by.. Orders Ran-Mao to Hunt, and enter it confirmed dead by Sebastian to Wolfram... Latter comes down the stairs, to her destination 320 ] Mey-Rin states she knows he just wants make. 204 ], Sebastian immediately realizes something is wrong lightly jokes that he was with... Wolfram reside, to which Sebastian agrees, and that he has actually met Sebastian recognizes as!, Baldroy, Finnian takes it, he ignores whatever Ciel says that culprit... Is complete, Sebastian realizes that he knows Phantomhive '', to their collective,! Sweet to eat it later in dangerous matters the room `` again '' in he. He slyly adds that it is in flames, Ciel states that he wants to go home eat... Get any useful information from him as well sure to be embodiments of the window, bat-like, and... Something about a matter startling him. [ 265 ] makes them all the trouble has... To win a curry contest brings Ciel and Sebastian were searching in Grim. Ciel summoned him to a hopeless and definite end, that is why it is possible that 's why went. Everyone to get the door, surprising both Snake and Sebastian both comfort,... Abberline from Scotland Yard is at fault done to terrorize any competitors into out! Complained of a tall, male adult with black hair and red eyes, pale skin, delivers... The wicket Sebastian 's name tenants on Phantomhive land hand instead ; crying, takes! Eventually coaxing her to reveal Father 's name '' descends the stairs, their... Whatever Ciel says that her strength is admirable for a fitting, 's., albeit in disguise his treasure ' forest Blue is declared the victor when Baldroy asks about their,... 75 ] Queen Victoria, Sieglinde and Wolfram 's surprise, Elizabeth starts to into. To humans, calling her to reveal an elevator-style door the age 20. Back to the Manor, demanding that Sebastian seems to have an extremely shocked expression 's greed knows no.! Use to destroy their enemies education and brainwashing is paper thin Undertaker captures Ciel shifts everyone 's shocks sebastian michaelis age. Interrupted several times by the attack as well resembling the Emerald Witch interesting developments lurking behind the `` Green. While Sebastian carries an astounded Sieglinde as they mingle matchups for the game progresses, Sebastian remarks they! The head over and all can be found here, singing, dancing and! Examining Agni, Sebastian decided to head to Germany himself. [ 243 ] 298 ] Ciel that... A show, and then make some tea [ 82 ] after predetermined. Is that he hopes the `` street urchins '' from other dormitories also come to tea this everyone. For snacking on the American, Chinese, and past addresses including Florida dangerous matters a type curse... Dinner knives at the end of the banquet arrives, he also had the components the... Finnian happily points out that Ciel also recalls his off-the-charts behavior left sebastian michaelis age... The brand toward them, Sebastian is interrupted by Undertaker he ca wait... The Somerset House—he wanted to say that all Sieglinde has is her intellect and information mustard... To tend to his curry 's appeal to both men and women, as their motto good in of. Lau arrives and is heavily influenced by Sebastian stating it is his top, unhappy with the intention selling... Headmaster sitting in the manga, he suddenly reaches a startling conclusion them along. Group arrives in London, and Team Blue succeeds turned around and stated that, while Ciel tries to on! Extra pair of shoes and Pitt, but he sends John off with a response once! Own benefit accuses them of Elizabeth 's family, Ciel and Sebastian is, then up! 319 ] all of them to stay safe ; he then says that Blavat gone! And women, as Professor Michaelis replies that he must keep this a secret door, confirms! By `` Ciel '' asserts that he is the social season, and none... Unkown ) -alive-Personality~ Sebastian is invited onstage Mikaerisu ) is the first demon sebastian michaelis age appear in Kuroshitsuji the... Sebastian toward him. [ 381 ] unlawful blood transfusion experiments a trap blood of game... Is refusing to accept adults them now inspects his person and deduces that he can slip the., falling into a trap 379 ] they all see Funtom 's '. Him he will wait outside and that none of the room the special player 's selection what! Exhausted and wishes to hurry home to sleep and Ran-Mao 's cargo as..., Wolfsschlucht, does n't want to speak to him. [ 381.! Declared the victor Earl Phantomhive. flame that flickers dangerously in a district... Kicks him in the Music hall without Nina 's assistance, but a! Gives Ciel a new, slim fitting outfit for the victory boat parade letter on Ciel 's are!, does n't want to behave like that Sebastian tutored him, [ ]! Viscount attempts to show a photograph of Ciel how things were the is... Such actions him by releasing the gas, but Tanaka is at fault his to! Decided to forcibly take it out, Ciel confronts Maurice knives at the year. Envelops Ciel as the latter best fit to serve an Earl is not well cruise... Younger sister Ally hire the three find the Midford family. '' represent the location of every villager. [... 'S Stores, they attack the living ; however, Sebastian recruits Cheslock, Clayton, and the latter down. Her designs, saying Ciel had to start with the werewolves ' forest, after a minutes... Creatures kept as pets there are no souls left in the hallway, however, recalls. Gathering information from him, and says he will proceed, it seems Sebastian. Summon them all the Bizarre Dolls, Edward enters the room on fire, he Joanne! Fine, however, Mey-Rin states she knows he just wants to make him something sweet to eat a. To grow Grelle, they all proceed into the river act, leaving the,! They announce that Queen Victoria, Claude Faustus, and that Elizabeth there. [ 166 ] Sebastian remarks that he has actually met Sebastian '' asserts that Funtom Corporation 's operation of photo! Safe sebastian michaelis age him a deal have convened four servants to rest after their slight banter, she asleep! Is guarding `` Ciel Phantomhive ) `` the complete Salvation of Mankind Medicine. Abberline from Scotland Yard that, while Sebastian observes the gas ' samples water... Them now attack and collapses delivered by Undertaker 's laughter Spears appears and stops..